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In addition to our full real estate litigation practice, we offer services under the title of  LUXHOMES INTERNATIONAL (“Luxhomes”).  We represent sellers, buyers, landlords, and tenants of residential and commercial real estate in Massachusetts. 

LUXHOMES provides free legal services to all sellers as a part of their listing agreement, guaranteeing a smooth transaction from listing to closing.  LUXHOMES partners with professionals in various markets within the United States and Internationally to identify and evaluate the best available investment opportunities in Real Estate and help secure temporary, long-term relocations for professionals and business clients and their families.


Luxhome provides several platforms to “showcase” your home, thereby increasing its exposure and likelihood of short duration in the market. Luxhome is a full and active member of the MLS Property Information Network, Inc, “the largest multiple listing service in Massachusetts and one of the largest in the nation.” Luxhomes also uses various marketing tools such as e-marketing, periodicals, brochures, and targeted leaflets.

We are mindful of the owners’ expectations when deciding to place their home in the market for sale.  We help to maximize their chances of meeting these expectations.  We offer the following package and work in full partnership with the owner.

First, we help owners by providing them with a concrete analysis of the market value for their home compared with similar homes in the area.  

Second, along with the owner, we prepare a list of minor cosmetic improvements designed to enhance their home’s appearance and exceptional features before placing it on the market.  Third, we prepare videos of the inside and outside of the house for e-marketing; 

Fourth, we prepare all the legal documents (Offer, Purchase and Sale Agreement) and monitor the transaction from offer to closing to give the owner the maximum legal protection, thereby ensuring a “worry free-transaction” from beginning to end.


Most homeowners at one time or another realize that renting their home or a part of it is not a simple transaction.  Whether or not an owner and a potential tenant sign a lease, as soon as the tenant gets into the home, there is a regular contract between them.   The rights and obligations of the parties under that contract vary from state to state.  In Massachusetts, the contract is heavily regulated and tilts in favor of the tenant in most circumstances.  As a result, renting may involve high costs and or penalties to a homeowner when the landlord/tenant relationship is not handled correctly from the lease signing.

At LUXHOMES, we offer a comprehensive package of service that includes the following:

  1. We pre-screen all tenants to ensure no prior record of evictions for non-payment of rent or violation of leases by running their credit, contacting their references, and reviewing employment records and availability of funds through bank statements.
  2. After approval, along with the potential tenant, we conduct a regular inspection and prepare a report to be signed by the parties to document the condition of the home prior to move-in day. This step usually assigns any significant damages (except normal wear and tear) during the tenancy to the tenant.
  3. We help the landlord to open a separate bank account with any deposits required by law.


At  LUXHOMES, whether you are a first-time homebuyer or an investor, if your dream home or your best deal is out there, we will help you find it.

We serve as your agents.   As such, we help you make an informed decision and provide you with the best legal protection, from the beginning to the end.   We methodically proceed methodically in different stages.

Pre-Offer Stage

Pricing /Comparative Market Analysis:   Prior to making an offer, we help you to make an objective decision on the price of the property.  We review the prior transactions involving similar homes in the area to determine what the approximate market value of your home should be.

Offer Stage

We prepare a sales contract that includes all the conditions that need to be met for you to ultimately agree to buy the home.  This step is crucial in Massachusetts as the courts have declared that an offer to buy the house is a contract to buy the home.  Therefore, buyers need to be diligent from the word “go.” We help you with the following:

  1. Property Disclosure: We attempt to get the seller to provide you with a list of all the characteristics of the property, including the date it was built, any major repair that was made or required, and any official declaration made by the town or city regarding the land or property.
  2. Property Inspection: We advise you on all necessary and appropriate inspections for the home, including heating and cooling systems, sewage, roofing, and environmental assessment.  With the help of experts, we assist you in conducting a thorough inspection of the potential home for structural soundness, ecological issues, and other possible defects that might affect your investment. 

Following the inspection, we help you negotiate with the seller for any necessary repair prior to signing the sales contract.  We assist you throughout the whole process, from the signing of the offer to the closing (receiving your keys to the home of your dream).

Last Stage – Purchase and Sale Agreement

At this stage, we draft a buyer’s purchase contract, including all the agreed-upon terms and contingencies and all of the conditions for specific performance on the part of the seller.  We establish a schedule that will give the buyer sufficient time to secure the right lender for the mortgage loan. 

We monitor the process for compliance all the way to the closing time and location.


We keep you current on the latest local and federal regulations and case laws affecting the business of real estate, housing, and construction in the United States.

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