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For every Immigrant, the first step towards achieving the “American Dream” is obtaining a permanent resident and becoming a US Citizen.  Unfortunately, for many immigrants, that step involves many legal challenges that require the services of an experienced immigration lawyer. At the Roberson Law Group, we compassionately provide such services.  We understand your needs because most of us and our families are also immigrants. We offer services in Asylum and Refugee laws, Removal (deportation), and Immigrant and non-immigrant visas.

Our firm offers a complete range of services to cover the immigration needs of most individuals and families.  We work with partner-firms in other states and even in other countries such as Canada, Jamaica, Haiti, and Brazil to help with overseas consular processing.

If you have an immigration issue you need to resolve,  call us to speak with one of our attorneys about it. We only take your case if we believe we can help you.  If you are eligible to benefit from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, we can give you an appointment for further consultation to discuss your options.  We also advise you on the process, as well as preparing all documentation necessary for filing.

Our fee options provide you with an opportunity to address your legal issues affordably. We can bill you on a flat fee basis. We also provide consultations, billed hourly, to those seeking advice on a pending case or future legal options.

We employ the most up-to-date and sophisticated software and computer systems available to ensure that all aspects of your case are tracked and monitored. We are set up to receive case updates electronically, as well as through notices sent via U.S. Mail, and can let you know as soon as anything related to your case changes.

If you have an immigration case that we handle, or if you are unsure and wish to learn more, please email info@robersonlaws.com with a brief explanation of your immigration questions, to schedule a consultation.

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